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What Is Hemp Milk?

October 31, 2020

Whether you have adopted a vegan diet or simply want to enjoy more nutrients, hemp milk is worth the try. Packed with more protein and healthy fats compared to other plant-based milk, hemp milk is gaining traction amongst many people.

The best part about it is that it offers fewer calories than cow milk. Want to know more about what makes this milk unique? Check out this piece as we examine everything there is to know about hemp milk.

What Is Hemp Milk?

Derived from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, hemp milk is produced by blending its seeds with water.  Whilst it’s derived from the same plant used to make marijuana, the seeds used for hemp milk don’t contain high proportions of THC to cause any psychoactive effects. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound in the hemp plant responsible for causing high sensations and mind-altering effects.

Naturally, hemp milk has a nutty and earthy taste with a creamy consistency, however commercially, you will find variations with added sweeteners, salt, or thickeners. Similar to regular cow milk, you can use hemp milk in your tea, coffee, or use it to make smoothies. You can easily find hemp milk in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Hemp Milk Nutrition

As previously stated, hemp milk is amongst highly nutritious plant-based milk. This milk is packed with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calcium, and iron.  It boasts more nutrients compared to almond or rice milk. However, compared to cow milk, it has fewer calories, proteins, carbs but similar fatty content.

In a standard cup of plain hemp milk, there are 1.3 grams of carbs, 4.7 grams of protein, 7.3 grams of fat, and 83 calories. You will also receive 2% and 7% daily value of calcium and iron, respectively. Additionally, in commercial milk, you will find phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. 

Fats found in hemp milk are unsaturated essential fatty acids that aid in building new tissues and membranes in the body. However, what mostly draws people to this milk is its natural lack of lactose, gluten, and soy. Therefore, it’s excellent allergen-free food.


Numerous studies have shown hemp milk to deliver incredible benefits to the body. One might even call this milk a power food. Some of the essential benefits it offers include:

Controlling Blood Pressure

In addition to the protein content, potassium levels in hemp milk help to control blood pressure.

Promoting Skin Health

Thanks to the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids it contains, hemp milk supports your skin’s immune response to inflammation and aging. It also works to prevent eczema, itchiness, and dry skin. Thus, regular intake improves overall skin; leaving your radiant and glowing.

Protecting Your Body Against Heart-Related Diseases

Rich in amino acid arginine, hemp milk facilitates the synthesis of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and helps to regulate blood pressure – protecting you against heart diseases.  The composition of healthy unsaturated fatty acids reduces the risk of heart diseases as well.

Other benefits include:

  • Improving cellular metabolism
  • Yielding energy from digested food to keep you energetic all day long
  • Promoting bone health
  • Boasting antioxidant properties to fight free radicals that damage cells and cause cancer
  • Maintaining health teeth health
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Building tissues, muscles, and membranes in your body
  • Promoting overall health with natural formulation unlike milk from cows injected with free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Plant-based and  no allergens – no soy, no gluten, and no lactose

How to Use Hemp Milk

Hemp milk can simply be used in lieu of cow milk. Its lack of soy, gluten, or lactose, means that you can add it to your daily diet without suffering any side effects. Its plant-based formulation on the other end makes it great for those who have adopted a vegan diet.

Whilst hemp milk boasts a nuttier and earthy flavor, it doesn’t function differently from cow milk. When using this milk, you don’t have to worry about altering its chemical make up, no matter how you use it – just like cow milk. Some of the common ways to use hemp milk include;

  • Adding it to cereal
  • Making smoothies and shakes
  • Using it for baking
  • Adding it to beverages such as coffee and tea (thanks to its creamy consistency)

How to Make Hemp Milk

Just because you can’t find hemp milk at the nearest grocery store or supermarket, it doesn’t mean you should entirely miss out on this highly nutritious plant-based food. You can opt to make hemp milk from the comfort of your home.  After all, it is super easy to make your own hemp milk. Plus, you can also choose to avoid unhealthy ingredients such as sweeteners and additives.

Yet, homemade hemp milk will not boast as many nutrients as the commercially available fortified ones. To make hemp milk, you simply need hemp seeds and water. Combine 1 cup of raw hemp seeds (about 136 ml) and 4 cups of water (about 946 ml) in a high-speed blender. Blend the ingredients for about a minute until smooth.

You can choose to add natural and healthier sweeteners or flavorings such as honey, vanilla extract, or sea salt, to the desired taste. Use a cheesecloth or clean kitchen towel to strain the milk, transfer it to a jar or container, and it should be ready for indulgence. Hemp milk stays fresh in your refrigerator for up to 5 days.


The bottom line is hemp milk is a perfectly healthy alternative to milk. After all, it’s not only the 100% safe and natural formulation you will be enjoying but also plenty of health benefits. For people with allergies, its 100% zero allergen formula means that you can enjoy baked goods or even tea with milk without worrying about the side effects.  Hemp milk is certainly made for everyone. The only choice to make is whether you want to decide what goes into your milk by making it by yourself at home or opt for more nutritious commercially available milk that’s fortified with extra vitamins and minerals.

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