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Thai strain


Thai – 100% Sativa (Outdoor)

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Thai Strain - 100% Sativa (Outdoor)   The Thai cannabis species is known to originate from Southeast Asia. After several years of selective breeding and growing, the strain has acquired a unique flavor and smell. Thai has a high potency that gives an ecstatic high.   The content of THC in Thai ranges between 16 and 22 percent. That can be attributed to the nature of the environmental conditions under which the weed is grown.   Thai species dates back in the seventies and eighties. Although its flowers don’t look like the typical marijuana buds, the plant is as good as other strains. Their flowers are small and fluffy.   Many Thai strains are green, but others have a tingle of brown because of their high resin content. Thai strains have a fruity aroma and sometimes have strong diesel odors. When you crush the buds, they release our smell. The smoke from the strain is usually harsh, and it might make you cough. However, when you exhale the smoke, it leaves a floral or grassy undertone.   There is no denying that the diesel-like and grassy flavor from Thai cannabis is exceptional. That plus the candy-like characteristics gives the plant a fantastic profile. Thai strains help with mood disorders like bipolar, anxiety, and depression. That is beside the strain’s ability to create a little excitement and make the user relax.   The Thai strains are suitable for muscle-related conditions. That includes muscle pain, cramps, and spasms. Thai cannabis is ideal for those suffering from severe fatigue and makes them more energized. If you are looking for a strain that will give you a mood boost while calming muscle issues, this strain is an incredible option. You will enjoy the smoking experience because of the fruity flavors.


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