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Sour Pink Limonade Strain


Sour Pink Limonade Hybrid (30% Sativa-70% Indica) (Indoor)

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Sour Pink Limonade Hybrid (30% Sativa\70% Indica) (Indoor)   The strain is dominantly Indica because it is 80 percent Indica and 20 percent sativa. Sour Pink Limonade was developed by blending Lemon Skink and Purple kush. Even if the origins of this strain aren’t evident, it has tasty buds, and indica lovers adore it.   Sour Pink Limonade has the taste of sugary sweets with a lemon candy scent and a subtle touch of mild earth. Its aroma is that of pungent earth accentuated with a bit of berry fruitiness and sharp citrus. The high you get from this species is as incredible as the flavor. Considering that it is indica dominant, the feelings of “high” come as a surprise.   After taking Sour Pink Lemonade, you will first experience a considerable energy boost followed by increased focus. As your mood gets better, you will be left feeling euphoric. You are also likely to get creative. Since Sour Pink has a low concentration of THC, the strain is perfect for managing conditions like severe stress, migraines, and fatigue.


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