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Guava Dawg strain


Guava Dawg – Hybrid (60% Sativa-40% Indica) (Indoor)

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Guava Dawg - Hybrid (60% Sativa\40% Indica) (Indoor)   It is a potent grass that will, without a doubt impress you. The cannabis plant has a high content of THC. You will also like the aroma from Guava Dawg because it is a mixture of boot and berry diesel.   Many consumers feel the need to relax and sit down shortly after consuming the herb. It is ideal for nighttime use as it makes one have heavy eyelids, and thus you might feel sleepy. Once you feel like your eyelids are becoming heavier than usual, the best thing is to sit down. Sometimes the physical effects can be overwhelming and make it seem like you are sinking into the sofa.   The marijuana species has 25 percent THC. Those that have used cannabis previously know that this strain has potent psychoactive properties. Therefore, it is not ideal for armatures or anyone sensitive to THC.   Guava Dawg lives up to its name. The species has a mouth-watering fruit flavor with some tons of diesel and skunk. The fact that the strain has a deep aroma makes it even more appealing. The intense aroma is one of the signs of the plant’s psychoactive nature.


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